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Panel Discussion

Enterprise Design Management

Wednesday, April 29
13:30 – 14:45


Chris Potts: Enterprise Design Management

Peter Bogaards / C/UX evangelist, editor and coach, Informaat
Marc Lange / Product Strategy & UX Consultant, Google Head Expert
Malin Orebäck / Director, Design Strategy, Veryday
Chris Potts, Corporate Strategist, Dominic Barrow / Author of FruITion, RecrEAtion, DefrICtion
Erik Roscam-Abbing / Founder, Zilver Innovation / Author of Brand Driven Innovation
Niels Rishede Terkelsen / Enterprise Architect, Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Milan Guenther / Partner, eda.c / Author of Intersection
Ellen Solomon / Emeritus CEO, Strategic Change MSOD (Organization Development)

Moderators Ellen Solomon and Milan Guenther will pose questions of some of the best minds from DMI and Intersection communities, as they discuss and deliberate strategies and tactics of how to work effectively across an enterprise, with multiple functions and disciplines. The questions will range from those covering organization design and structure to domain specific and everything in-between.

Whether you work inside a large enterprise or you are outside consulting with a large enterprise, it is important to understand who the key stakeholder disciplines are, and how their work supports or is a barrier to delivering good strategic design management and innovation.

Following the first phase of the panel discussion, we will break into facilitated group discussions. Each team will quickly get to know each other while dissecting items raised during the panel discussion.

Key Highlights of each Breakout group discussions will be shared back with the panelists for final closing discussion points.

Come to learn about the full range if disciplines across the enterprise and how Design can work strategically and collaboratively to deliver significant value.