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Malin Orebäck

Director, Design Strategy, Veryday

from Stockholm / Sweden

Malin Orebäck


Enterprise Design Management

About Malin

Malin is leading the Veryday team of strategists to challenge our customers in their work towards strong, innovative and meaningful product, service and user experience solutions.

She is a Design Strategist with 20+ years consultancy experience of crafting design strategies for companies in various industries, working with multinational clients on a daily basis; GE Healthcare, PepsiCo, 3M,Tetra Pak, Roche, Astra Zeneca and Atlas Copco.

Malin has an MBA in Design Management from London and she is a frequent speaker and lecturer on design strategy, design thinking and service design. Veryday was awarded Red Dot Design Team of the Year in 2014, for continuous unparalleled design performance

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