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Nicolas Enjalbert

Conference Session

Generative Design and the Enterprise

Thursday, April 30
15:15 – 16:00
Room 4

Nicolas Enjalbert
Founder, discretise!

Generative design is an approach in which the creation rule, not its output, is devised. The resulting objects are unique, parameterizable, endlessly generated, alive more than inert, opened to the user not autonomous. Systems designed this way hinge on a balance between control and flexibility; they make it possible to enforce principles while leaving room for the unexpected.

Thought in the context of the enterprise, generative design entails a reflection on the essence of control in the organization, and asks how control can empower rather than stifle the users (internal and external). It opens tangible solutions for alignment from the core, vision-level principles down to their implementation into the enterprise’s alive, ever-changing internal and external environments. Nicolas will present an overview of generative design in its conceptual and practical implications, discuss its current and potential applications for the enterprise, as well as the skills required to integrate/wield it.