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Erik Roscam Abbing Mike Clark

Master Class

Cohesive Enterprise Design - Turning customer insights and business outcomes into viable propositions

Thursday, April 30
10:30 – 12:00
Room 1

Erik Roscam Abbing
Founder, Zilver Innovation / Author of Brand Driven Innovation

Mike Clark
Business Designer and Architect

We find ourselves in a unique period in history. The business landscape is changing on a daily basis, customer’s expectations are continually evolving and in some cases the customer is one step ahead. The product is no longer the differentiator, the traditional business focus areas are going beyond transactional relationships; but yet how do businesses stay ahead, deliver new things, whilst maintaining their brand identity. Business Architecture has made great strides in supporting the business in defining and implementing its strategy, but where does the customer fit into this. To bridge this gap the discipline of design has brought us closer to the customer, gaining insights into what customers need, but yet, how does the business bring these insights to life, whilst fulfilling the brand's promise.

We believe whilst the worlds of “inside out” and “outside in” have made great strides a gap still remains. Through this workshop we will present a framework, which cohesively brings the worlds of design and architecture together, to enable the creation of propositions, which not only meet the needs of customers, but also enable the business to plan and deliver the capabilities needed to honor its brand promise, leading to the creation of truly innovative propositions and disruptive business models.