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Gerry McGovern

Opening Keynote

Designing for Trust

Thursday, April 30
9:30 – 10:15

Gerry McGovern
CEO, Customer CareWords

There has been a collapse of trust. People don’t trust government, media or businesses. A CEO is less trusted than an ordinary worker. This collapse is at least partly due to the Internet and digital technologies. Digital empowers customers more than it empowers organizations.

While this collapse of trust deepens, we are still living within a design culture overly focused on emotional imaging and styling for its own sake, which inventor James Dyson calls “a lazy 20th-Century conceit.”

How do we design to establish / re-establish trust? Gerry McGovern argues that we need a return to design basics. To relentlessly focus on ease-of-use, speed, convenience, accuracy and truthfulness. We need to engage much more with the customer, seeking to continuously improve their experience based on constant feedback.