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Prof. Ulrich Weinberg

Director, School of Design Thinking, Hasso-Plattner-Institute

from Potsdam, Germany

Prof. Ulrich Weinberg


Opening Keynote

About Uli

Prof. Weinberg is the head of the HPI Design School in Potsdam, since 2007 and his connection with the D-School gives him extensive experience in Design Thinking. Prof. Weinberg has a passion for solving problems through focusing on human values and connected thinking which makes his ideas infectious to his students.

Uli Weinberg comes from a television media and computer-graphic industry. Spending 25 years in a niche market, he had a single perspective towards business strategies and solving problems.

It wasn't until Prof. Weinberg visited Stamford University that he witnessed a unique way of thinking, a way of solving problems by thinking “out of the box”. Placing students from different professional sectors in teams, they were able to solve problems by focusing on human needs and values rather than using technology and business strategies. The concept of using real time thinking and grouping people into teams from different disciplines has revolutionized how Uli Weinberg looked at education.

“After 25 years of interdisciplinary, innovation driven work in film, 3D animation and computer games, I didn´t hesitate a second to take on a challenge of building an institute which focused on innovation in all areas of life”.

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