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Rijk van Vulpen

Enterprise Designer, Trivento

from Utrecht, Netherlands

Rijk Van Vulpen

About Rijk

Rijk van Vulpen is enterprise designer at Trivento Spark!, a Netherlands-based Enterprise Design & Architecture consultancy agency. Rijk has a passion and experience in developing and implementing digitale business models and digital products/services from strategic perspective. He bring sustaining improvement and innovation. He prefer to do that together with intrapreneurs in 3 to max. 6 months from idea to result. He is happy to have done this with e.g. Transavia, Postcode Lotery, Pon (VW/Audi), GDF Suez/Electrabel and Nuon.

In daily life Rijk practices his passion as an enterprise designer and architect. He is intrapreneur and co-owner of the company Trivento. And he contributes as an creative innovator with information/technology. Rijk's core expertise as an enterprise designer & architect is in: creative entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship: business models, enterprise design, service and product design and business process design, information management, planning and design, information technology and solutions design, change management and project implementation and coaching en teaching.

Rijk has an MSc in Business Administration (ir bedrijfskunde Twente University) and an MSc in Computing Science (informatica Utrecht University). He is a certified practitioner in Demo, Togaf, Archimate and DeBono creativity. He values integrity & openness, constructive self-criticism and continual self-improvement. He believe in the drive within people and in the results brought by creative cooperation of joint minds. He find it essential to work principle based, of which he find roots in Rijnlands thinking. He organizes change to be sustainable. And he works from a holistic perspective, taking all stakes and perspectives into account.

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