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Philip Hellyer

Enterprise Architecture Consultant, Philip & Finch

from London, United Kingdom

Philip Hellyer

About Philip

Philip's expertise is in optimising the value of investments in change. He specialises in enterprise architecture approaches that improve systemic structure and reduce unintended consequences.

With a background in accountancy and computing science, Philip works on both ‘sides’ of the strategy fence. He enables people in business to make better decisions about IT and people in IT to effectively support the business. Philip's influence is grounded in his understanding of information, technology, and their relation to business models and strategies. At the Carphone Warehouse Group, his focus was on the inter-relation of risk, uncertainty, and change.

As an enterprise architect, Philip cares as much about the business outcomes as the enabling technologies and the human factors. As a mentor, he helps entrepreneurs think more clearly about their aspirations and priorities. He plays both roles at Beeminder.com, a startup that helps people achieve their important goals.

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