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Borja Tamames

COO and General Manager, MORMEDI

from Madrid / Spain

Borja Tamames

About Borja

Borja is an accomplished business developer, sales and marketing professional, with a solid background in B2C and B2B strategy. Versatile and adaptable individual in MNCs and start-up environments. He started his career as a Marketing and Commercial Director for Kodak. Afterwards worked for Flex (leader sleeping company).

With entrepreneurial skills he founded Matrix in 1995, Impactable 2007 and Infinity View 2012, driving value to Samsung Fun Club, Vodafone, Ono Telecom, Correo (post co), Chrysler, Orangina Schweppes Group, P&G, Disney, Marvel, among many others.

He has joined Mormedi to drive growth globally.

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