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Philippe van Caenegem

Conference Session

Why Designers are Getting a Seat at the Table

Thursday, April 30
16:45 – 17:30

Philippe van Caenegem
Senior Director Strategic Innovation, Salesforce

Digital transformation is reshaping most companies’ operational and business models. Many companies are making great efforts to become a true "customer company”. But figuring out how to best react, adapt to a digital transformation is a complex “hairy” problem.

“The biggest driver of sustained growth is the Client Experience”
- Ginny Rometty

But the customer experience race is brutal and only the most agile innovators will be fast enough. As companies are becoming agile innovators the distinction between business strategy and customer experience design is blurring. Solving these complex “hairy” problems is hard but not impossible. Designers have experience in dealing with such problems.

That's why more and more designers are building successful companies from the ground up or are being hired in upper management positions in large companies as change agents.