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Tom Graves

Master Class

How do you think? Modelling our own modelling

Thursday, April 30
10:30 – 12:00
Room 3

Tom Graves
Principal, Tetradian Consulting

How do we model our own work? How do we keep track of the information we need to do our work - not just for our clients, but for ourselves too?

Of course, plenty of tools exist already, in most parts of the Intersection space, to describe and deliver the finished-product. Yet we have very few tools that really help with the messy earlier stages of the work, and each tool often works only in isolation from everything else - making it very hard to create a joined-up view of the overall design-process, or to revisit and review past design-choices and design-decisions when conditions change.

What are those stages of the design-process?
In each of those stages, what information arises that we need to capture? - and why?
What information do we need to share? - and why?
How do we 'join the dots' across the whole of the Intersection space?

We're often so busy resolving our clients' needs that we forget to look at our own needs too. This workshop-style session provides an opportunity to take some time out, to apply our skills to our own work, and to work with each other to help make our work better, more effective and more enjoyable for everyone.