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Iain Aitchison


FuturEd – Envisioning the Design Programme of the Future

Tuesday, April 28
13:30 – 16:30

Iain Aitchison
Director, Plan

FutureEd is a Design Management Institute research programme that is mapping programme types and curricula; and gaining educator, student and industry perspectives on the future path for postgraduate design education.

This workshop aims to bring some clarity to big questions. What purpose could the design programme of the future be orientated towards? What values, capabilities and skills could the ‘future designer’ emerge with on graduation? In which institutional context could the design programme of the future sit? What knowledge from other disciplines could design students need to know?

After a panel discussion between with leading practitioners from academic, corporate and consulting contexts, we will explore and envision the design programme through a series of creative and collaborative group activities.