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Marion Fröhlich Thomas Thomé

Master Class

Design Thinking Pocketsize: Management education of tomorrow

Thursday, April 30
13:15 – 14:45
Room 1

Marion Fröhlich
Strategic Design Consultant, SAP

Thomas Thomé
User Experience Design Specialist, SAP

Design Thinking became highly recognized in the business world as a way of co-innovating products and services. Many people talk about it, many companies apply it. Some critics even think the hype is already decreasing again. Nevertheless, at the SAP Design and Co-Innovation Center applying the methods of designers, their thinking, and a specific design-focused way of solving problems is part of our daily routine. Yet, Design Thinking is not easily explained in words and pictures.

We often face the challenge to explain our design process to our customers. Many of them ask us, what does it mean to work in a user-centered way? How does it feel to start with a challenge that you do not know the solution to in the beginning? Therefore we developed the Design Thinking Leporello to share our knowledge and to help understand what Design Thinking is. The Leporello enables facilitators to easily guide an audience through the simulation of a human-centered design process.

In this Intersection15 master class we will share how we apply the methods of designers to the process of problem solving and collaboration with customers. Participants will get the chance to experience Design Thinking firsthand. We will walk the master class participants step by step through an idealized human-centered design process to create the future of experience of management education. Participants will experience that applying design thinking can reveal inspiring insights, foster creativity and generate new, often surprising ideas. They will playfully learn to design with the user in mind and to start building their own creative confidence.

Management education of tomorrow is a topic that impacts all of us "from employee to the manager" and hence allows anyone to contribute to the topic during the design challenge. We will explore the employees and managers needs and collaboratively design concepts for the landscape for management education based on those insights.

Please note this master class is mainly targeted towards non-designers, and yet open to everyone that wants to explore the tool and have a fun group experience.