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Chris Potts

Master Class

Design How Your Enterprise Invests in Design

Thursday, April 30
10:30 – 12:00
Room 2

Chris Potts
Corporate Strategist

Executives and senior managers often struggle to see the value of investing in enterprise design. Yet, they usually see the value of  ‐  for example  ‐  product design, organizational design, and solution design. As a result, projects can deliver well‐designed ‘point solutions’, on time and in budget, but collectively create an ‘awkward’ and inefficient enterprise.

The emergence of Enterprise Design as a formal discipline provides a new momentum for discovering how best to design an enterprise, and the value of doing so. However, executives and managers need to have mastered the related discipline of Enterprise Investment. Otherwise, even the very best enterprise designs will stay on the drawing‐board, or get put aside in project execution – as many enterprise architects have long‐experienced.

This intensive and inspiring masterclass, with one of the world’s leading specialists Enterprise Investment strategies, explores why enterprise design is often under-invested-in and under-valued, and explains how to put that right.  The root‐causes are both structural and cultural, and come to light in the core business process for investing in change.

The challenge is to design an enterprise that sees the value of investing in design, and reaps the benefits of that investment in its relationships with consumers, investors, and other key stakeholders. This workshop is all about how people meet that challenge.